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What's PRIMAL University?

PRIMAL University is an exclusive community for early supporters: get in early, understand the depths of PRIMAL, earn NFTs, and lead the PRIMAL community forward πŸš€

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What's PRIMAL?

PRIMAL is Move2Earn + Fan Tokens + Inner Circles.

PRIMAL combines 2 massively successful markets in crypto: STEPN-style sports + Chiliz-type fan tokens

Onboarding the next billion users:

  • Connecting fans & celebrity athletes
  • Train & earn with any fitness device
  • Trade your favourite athlete fan tokens

PRIMAL works with Fitbit, Apple, Oura, Whoop & more, onboarding fans & 1bn fitness device users, with a clear tested strategy to acquire users at scale.


Get Up to Speed

PRIMAL is taking overβ€Š - in only the first few months, our community has achieved:

βœ… 500,000+ app sign-ups

βœ… 250+ signed celebrity athletes to issue fan tokens

βœ… 100,000+ supporters across social media channels

βœ… Integrated top fitness devices: Apple Watch, Whoop, Oura Ring, and Fitbit

Get up to speed with what we’re buildingΒ β€” check the top 3 resources on PRIMAL:

β€’ Market opportunity & fundamentals
β€’ Economy & Tokenomics

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🌐 Website: https://www.getprimal.com/ 

🐦 Twitter: https://twitter.com/enterprimal 

πŸ“© Telegram chat:Β https://t.me/EnterprimalΒ 

πŸ“£ Announcements:Β https://t.me/PRIMALnewsΒ